At what age can dogs get pregnant?

Answer A female dog reaches sexual maturity in her first 4 to 12 months of life. Small dogs typically enter this stage earlier than large breeds; large dogs may take as long as one year to reach fertility... Read More »

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How to Prepare Pregnant Dogs?

For the most part, dogs are able to handle the last stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery without needing too much assistance from their owners. Unless you have one of the breeds that, due to inb... Read More »

Can a dog get pregnant by two different dogs at the same time?

According to Canyon Pet Hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, female dogs in heat release several eggs during this time. If more than one male dog mates with her, then each of those eggs can be fertilize... Read More »

How long are boxer dogs pregnant?

Boxers, like any other dog, average about 63 days from conception to whelping of their litters. You may see signs of pregnancy such as a decrease in appetite and activity, and nipple growth. A vete... Read More »

How do I Treat Pregnant Dogs for Ticks?

Ticks can be found anywhere and are more widespread during the spring and fall. However, they are found year round in warmer climates, therefore, your dog needs to be protected from ticks whenever ... Read More »