How old can a rubber plant become?

Answer A friend of mine had one that was at least 10 years old

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How do I make my rubber plant feel better?

Sounds pretty hopeless. Put him out of his misery and buy a cactus instead. It's like going from cat to dog. Somewhat.

How to Plant Rubber Tree Plants?

Rubber tree plants are a member of the Ficus family and have the scientific name Ficus elastica. The plants are small when young and are frequently grown indoors in pots. Rubber trees eventually ou... Read More »

Why Does My Rubber Plant Have Yellow Leaves on It?

Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a low-maintenance houseplant that actually reaches the size of a small tree, even indoors. According to the Clemson Cooperative Extension, the most common cause of ... Read More »

How to Identify a Rubber House Plant?

The rubber tree plant--scientifically known as Ficus elastica and also called the India rubber plant, the rubber bush, and the rubber fig--is a member of the ficus family. Native to the tropical r... Read More »