How old can a child start learning to cook?

Answer Very young - 2 year olds can help with making crispie cakes for example. It depends on the child, but as long as it is age appropriate, I'd have said any child over the age of 18 months would bene... Read More »

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How to Help a Child Who Struggles With Learning to Read Because of Their Learning Style?

There are basically four learning styles.  If your child's learning style is the Kinesthetic learning style, the average classroom setting beginning with first grade may cause unnecessary stress ... Read More »

How to made your child care a learning emvironment for a special needs child?

Find and cultivate common interests if possible. Do not provoke nor antagonize them, and avoid situations in which they might tend to harass you. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of by bei... Read More »

Does child abuse affect the child's learning abilities?

sometmes it can affect their whole life, sometimes make them depressed, scared, paranoid. etc. however it can also make them more determined, mentally strong. make sure NO BODY trusts anyone becaus... Read More »

What do I need to know before learning how to be a good cook?

You have to have the willingness to try out new flavors and ingredients. Good cooks know that a recipe is just the starting point. As you become better, you will know what will go with what and t... Read More »