How old can a child drive leagally?

Answer From: Licensing laws by states and district Below is a list of the GDL laws for each of the 50 states and 1... Read More »

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I am 17 and I live in Ohio, can I leagally go out an buy a pack of loose razorblades?

It would seem that the easiest way to check this would be to go attempt to buy a pack and see if they ask for ID.

If the legal guardian of a child let the child visit his mother and she does not return the child how do you get the child back?

Answer Contact the local police and request they accompany the guardian to the residence where the child is located. This is not an ideal solution, however a court appointed guardian is responsible... Read More »

If you only carry liability insurance on a vehicle can you let your child drive it if they do not live with you?

Answer All drivers should be listed on your policy to be a covered driver. you should add your child to your auto policy for proper coverage.

Is it considered child abuse if a father allows his 15-year-old daughter to drive alone at night and she is stopped by the police?

I don't think this is a form of child abuse but it is an act of stupidity if the father knowingly allowed his child to drive without a licensed driver. But, if the girl had said that she and an old... Read More »