How old before an infant can have unsupervised visits in Texas?

Answer Answer I don't thinks it is a good idea to let such a small child visit with out you for to long or at all. If I were you I would wait till the baby would be atleast be able to speak clearly and b... Read More »

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If you have sole legal and physical custody with the father allowed two day unsupervised visits can you move out of state and how will this affect visiting?

Answer I get the feeling either this father is in prison or is not safe to be alone with your child. If you have sole custody of your child then you can move anywhere without the father's permissio... Read More »

How can I guarantee my drug addicted husband does not get unsupervised visitation with our infant daughter?

Answer Ask the Court for sole custody and supervised contact for dad. Make sure you have proof, such as police reports, medical reports, witnesses, court orders, contact information for treatment ... Read More »

Who can baby sit an infant in Texas?

Child care in Texas is only regulated if it is not in the child's own home. If you want to care for a child in your own home or anywhere other than where the infant lives, you must contact your loc... Read More »

What is unsupervised probation?

Many people convicted of crimes are put on probation. The probation period can replace an offender's prison sentence entirely, occur before an offender is sent to prison or take place after the off... Read More »