If you have temporary sole custody of your children can you and your children move in with your boyfriend while the case to decide permanent custody is pending?

Answer Answer Yes, legally you may. Will the judge hearing the custody case look favorably upon such action is a bigger question.Speaking from professional experience, judges do not care for such arrange... Read More »

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If you gave your rights up to your child 10 years ago and their children are in foster care waiting to be adopted can you petition the court to adopt those children?

yes you should be able to adopt the children if you have a stable environment for them

How do you tell your grown children of your husband's previous marriage and children?

The children should have been told long ago that their father was married before and had children so that would make then step brothers or step sisters to your children. Your grown children may be ... Read More »

What relation are your children to your half brothers children?

Your children and your half-brother's children are cousins. It doesn't matter that you and your halr-brother only share one parent, just like it wouldn't matter if one or both of you were adopted. ... Read More »

In family if your dads cousin has children and your dad has children who are you to them?