How old are you in the third grade?

Answer Third graders are usually between 8 and 9 years old. However, since student performance ultimately determines academic mobility, it is possible to have both older and younger students in the same g... Read More »

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How to Teach My Third-Grader to Read at Third-Grade Level?

States set content standards for each subject and for each grade level. Although content standards may differ somewhat from state to state, they generally cover the same basic skills. Reading, whic... Read More »

Is it normal for a nine-year-old in third grade to weigh more than her brother in sixth grade?

AnswerIt depends on how much the sixth grader weighs. The normal weight for a third grader is usually 40-60 pounds. If the third grader weighs more than that then talk to a doctor about putting he/... Read More »

How old are you in third grade?

Third grade students are usually eight or nine years old. Most third graders enter the grade level at age eight and turn nine during the course of the school year.Source:USA for Kids: Going to School

Third Grade Lessons?

Creating lesson plans for third grade students requires a bit of research, the ability to be resourceful and a bit of imagination. It's not only important that the lessons reflect the academic leve... Read More »