How old are you everyone on here seems to be under the age of 20!?

Answer 98... jk ... 15i noticed that too and i think it would actually be better if there were more older people because they have a lot of knowledge and would probably be able to answer our questions bet... Read More »

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Why is everyone so overweight It seems like everyone is carrying?

* Eating out is normal and commonplace - it used to be rare.* We are more affluent and have a bigger food budget.* We are always rushing and buy readymade/take-aways.* We don't get natural exercise... Read More »

Game show from 70s everyone here has a right and left ear but nobody here has an ardvark?

Everyone seems to own a pair of these shoes. Do you!?

no i don't i was going to get apair like those from ae . i think bascially they are all just coping what each other wear it good you stand out as an individual and not copy them good for you ... Read More »

Has anyone here ever wondered why...there seems to be?

The rainbows have faded and the unicorns went to the glue factory. And, of course, they would rather not admit that they're not shocked about what went on behind the scenes.ETA: Things that do no... Read More »