How many pyramids make up the pyramids of Giza?

Answer There are seven pyramids at Giza.The most famous are the three major pyramids: the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure. In addition, there is a mortuary pyrami... Read More »

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Are the pyramids lit up at 10 p.m.?

The Egyptian Pyramids have a sound and light show that tells the story of ancient Egypt. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and lasts about one hour; thus the pyramids will be lit up at 10 p.m. After the... Read More »

How big are the pyramids of Giza?

Menkaure's Pyramid, the smallest of three pyramids, is 204 feet tall. Khufu's Pyramid, also known as The Great Pyramid of Giza, is 455.18 feet in height (after erosion), and the total estimated wei... Read More »

Pyramids As Tombs?

Even the humble want to be remembered after death, and those who have the means may build special structures to house their mortal remains. The rich and powerful have often spent a fortune on mauso... Read More »

How old are the Great Pyramids?

According to the BBC website, the first pyramid, the Step Pyramid, was built in 2600 B.C. by King Djoser. The Great Pyramid was built in 2500 B.C. by King Khufu. The Encyclopedia Smithsonian report... Read More »