How old are the images on Google Earth ?

Answer My car is parked out side my house and I moved in two years ago.

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How do you clear up the images on google earth ?

no .some areas are higher resolution .try`nassa earth wind``microsoft locate me`or virtual earththese offer other photos some of which are clearer

Why are images on Google Earth outdated?

Time keeps on ticking. Your maps will get updated about once every two years or so. Otherwise, terrorists would use it to attack our country. Hey, it's free. Good luck and Happy Computing!

How do I remove images from Google Earth maps?

Download SoftwareOpen your Web browser and download the Google Earth software. You can find a link to download the Google Earth software in the Resources section. Follow the prompts to install Goog... Read More »

Why is there no people in the Google Earth satelite images?

There are people, they are just really hard to see. They are so small and there is no shadow because they take the satellite images when the sun is directly above them.