How old are male kittens when their testicles drop?

Answer Male kittens' testicles descend just before they are born. At birth, the tiny testicles are not visible in the undeveloped scrotum. By 10 to 12 weeks of age, the scrotum and testicles have grown en... Read More »

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What is it called when a baby's testicles don't drop at birth?

Cyptorchidism, or undescended testicles, is a congenital condition of infant males characterized by one or both testicles that haven't moved into the scrotum by birth. The testicles begin inside th... Read More »

How do I tell male& female kittens apart?

Hold the kitten firmly, facing away from you. Lift the kitten's tail to examine its genitals, just below the anus. Male kittens will have a slight bulge (where the testicles will drop at sexual mat... Read More »

How to Prevent Male Cats from Killing New Born Kittens?

Here is an article to help you with the safety of your newborn kittens.

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