How old are kids for their First Communion?

Answer Children typically begin preparing for their First Communion at the age of 7 or 8, but do not actually receive it until the parish and parents are satisfied with their education. This can occur aft... Read More »

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Should parents insure their eighteen year old kids on their insurance policy or make the kids get their own coverage?

Answer The car's insurance would kick in first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.

How to Teach Kids About the Communion Service?

During the communion service, Christians remember Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross by eating bread, representing his body, and drinking wine, representing his blood. Jesus encouraged his disci... Read More »

How to Teach Kids About Holy Communion?

The purpose of receiving Holy Communion in the Christian religion is to remember the teachings and sacrifice of Jesus Christ through tangible means, namely the bread and wine. Children typically le... Read More »

Has anyone sent their kids to Kids r Kids, Katy at Westheimer prkw Or any Kids r Kids scholl?

We have a few here in Central child never attended, but I did visit the school several times to consider it and it seemed to be a really good program.