How old are black cats when they get gray hair?

Answer Black cats may live over 20 years and experience signs of aging such as gray hair. A 6-year-old cat is equivalent to a 42-year-old human. Many people have some gray hair by the time they turn 40, a... Read More »

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If I dye my hair black, will it turn gray when the color begins to wash out?

When you dye your hair darker it adds protien to your hair, where as if you lighten your hair it would strips some proteins from your hair. Going darker is going to make your hair seem full of lus... Read More »

Do Cats Get Gray Hair?

As cats age, some get gray hair while others don't. Despite this, almost all hairs on a cat retain the original coloring. The age at which they get grey hair also varies. According to Read More »

How to Dye Naturally Black Hair Gray?

Grey and silver hair are becoming more and more popular choices of colour, but achieving the right colour can be quite difficult.Changing naturally dark hair to any lighter color is going to be dif... Read More »

How to Dye Men's Gray Hair to a Black Color?

Gray hair may be desirable for men who feel "distinguished" with a head of silver locks, but for plenty of other guys, gray hair is an unwelcome harbinger of old age. Dyeing your hair yourself take... Read More »