How old a daughter have to be to babysit her younger sisters?

Answer 16

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Why do younger sisters copy older sisters?

Which siblings are usually nicer younger sisters younger brothers older brothers or older sisters?

There is no way to answer this as there is no generalizing siblings and the way they treat one another. Each individual and their situations are different. Older siblings will respect and be kind ... Read More »

Why younger sisters are so mean to older sisters?

It a proven fact younger sisters are always a little mean or annoying to the older siblings and the older siblings are always a little bossy or controlling over there younger siblings. Don't worry ... Read More »

How do you babysit 3 to 7 year old half sisters?

Dont worry, if you leave a good impression as a hilarious, fun person its all it takes to get them to enjoy you. If you joke around with them a lot, and take them places, they will respect you. And... Read More »