How ofter should you water an outdoor Thai basil plant in Florida?

Answer ice

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How to water a thai chili pepper plant?

It likes at least 6 hours of full sun and the soil should be moist, never going dry. Too much water and the chillies will drop off. The amount of water depends on the type of soil it is planted in,... Read More »

Exactly how much water should you use to water basil?

which basil? where in the world are you? is it potted or outside? ect...

Should I Remove the Flower Stem From My Basil Plant?

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If you wish to cultivate your own fresh basil should you plant it in full sun or shade?

Growing basil Most types of basil need full sun to do well, although that depends on your climate. If you are in an extremely hot climate, you may need to give it some shade. It thrives in a Medite... Read More »