How often should you water tomatoes in grow bags?

Answer Tomatoes in grow bags must be watered more frequently than tomatoes grown in the ground. You need to check the plants daily to see if watering is needed, especially during hot weather. Many gardene... Read More »

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Will plain water sugar water salt water or water with miracle grow make green beans grow the most in 12 days?

it will b way easier if u did an experiment that way u'll b sur about the answer 2 that question

Can I grow tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes?

Seeds from a store-bought tomato must be fermented before planting. This process takes approximately three days, and then the seeds must be dried for at least a week. For the best-tasting homegrown... Read More »

How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes?

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How do I grow tomatoes?

Tomatoes love lots of sun (about 6 hrs a day), and like good air circulation and warm soil. I was in London in summer last year, and it was definitely warm enough for tomatoes to grow. A common mis... Read More »