How often should you water kalanchoe?

Answer It needs filtered / dappled sun at the absolute minimum, and is really best suited for full sun in a south window.Water when, and *only when*, the soil is dry halfway down the depth of the pot. Too... Read More »

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How often do I water an indoor kalanchoe flapjack?

As the kalanchoe plant is a succulent native to the hot, dry weather of Madagascar, it should not be watered everyday. All it requires is a deep watering once or twice a week.Source:Garden Guides: ... Read More »

What does kalanchoe look like?

Waxy looking leaves on upright stems with clusters of small five petaled flowers.

How to Repot Kalanchoe?

Kalanchoe, like most house plants, will outgrow its pot over time. Plants that are not repotted annually may become rootboud and suffer the ill effects of an inefficient root system. They also will... Read More »

Is kalanchoe a perennial?

Kalanchoe is a perennial with dark green leaves and a multitude of flower clusters. A native of Madagascar, this plant is easy to care for, and has as many as 125 species.Source:Kalanchoe Blossfeld... Read More »