How often should you water indoor flower seeds?

Answer On One Hand: Water Seeds DailyStart with damp soil and keep your flower seeds moist at all times to promote sprouting--lightly water them daily. Once the seed has sprouted (you will see green shoot... Read More »

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Which indoor plant has a red flower in the center?

Bromeliads feature a red flower in their center and can be grown as houseplants indoors. Bromeliads are tropical plants and thrive in bright light. Two common houseplant varieties are vriesea and g... Read More »

How do you and how far apart do I plant dill seeds in an indoor window box?

Plantin th forget me not seeds will need sunlight or indoor?

Here is some info. They are biennial which means they flower 2nd year so I would plant them in ground when soil is 60F or 16C. Then follow directions. It is too late for inside so outside woul... Read More »

How do I start herb seeds for an indoor garden?

Plan Your GardenSelect what herbs you want to grow. Mint, thyme, parsley, basil, oregano and sage are all easy to grow. Use small containers such as old plastic yogurt cups or an egg carton and mak... Read More »