How often should you water ficus?

Answer It is very easy to overwater an indoor ficus, and specific timeframes for watering can vary based on conditions such as temperature, humidity and light. Water your ficus when the soil feels dry to ... Read More »

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How to Water a Ficus Benjamina?

Ficus benjamina, or the weeping fig, is prized as a houseplant. This ficus is an evergreen plant, grown for its large deep green leaves. Often grown as a small indoor tree, the ficus may also have ... Read More »

How to Pot a Ficus?

Ficus trees are popular as both indoor and outdoor trees because they are versatile and can survive in a variety of light conditions. Whether you are potting a ficus tree for the first time, or you... Read More »

Ficus Uses?

Ficus trees have many uses. A Ficus, or fig tree, can be grown and used in the home landscape to provide shade. The ficus, as a deciduous shrub, can work as a hedge, providing privacy by screening ... Read More »

How to Root Ficus?

Ficus trees are tropicals grown as houseplants in the U.S. The most common are the Ficus benjamina, F.lyrata and F. elastica. These ornamental trees do not bear fruit as their famous cousin, the co... Read More »