How often should you water a magenta plant?

Answer with water

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How often should you water an aloe plant?

Aloe grows well indoors with a sunny window and infrequent watering. The potting medium should be allowed to dry prior to watering aloe. When in doubt, wait a day or two; aloe can survive for over ... Read More »

How Often Should I Water My Avocado Plant?

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You recently acquired a sage plant and I'm confused on how often you should water it?

Not really, the glaze over the years may be chipped or have tiny nearly invisible cracks. Prolonged exposure to very hot water (as in a dish washer) will cause water to enter the cracks and discolo... Read More »

After I plant my pumpkin seeds how often should I water the seeds?

Keep the soil moist until they sprout and have a few true leaves. When you have a larger plant a good soaking once or twice a week (depending on weather) is in order.