How often should you wash bed linens?

Answer On One Hand: Weekly Is BestAccording to consumer advice blogger Rita R. Robison, it is best to wash your bed linens about once every week. As well as smelling and looking bad, unwashed bed linens c... Read More »

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How to Wash & Dry Vintage Linens?

Whether you found them at an antique store or had them passed on to you, vintage linens are beautiful and delicate. Unfortunately, many of these linens show their years of use and wear by the stain... Read More »

How Long Should One Wash Bed Linens After Lice?

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Linens & Their Uses?

Linen is an elegant and durable fabric. Linen is a fiber that is taken from the flax plant. In addition to being a strong fabric, it is also smooth. Linen does wrinkle easily, but the wrinkles are ... Read More »

How to Reinvent Linens?

Got a closet full of beautiful but unused linens?When you have accumulated a quantity of delightful linens but you're not sure what uses to put it all to, it can be all to easy to shove it into the... Read More »