How often should you visit the dentist?

Answer On One Hand: Twice a Year is RecommendedAccording to Colgate, people should visit the dentist twice a year for cleaning and checkups. Going to the dentist twice a year will allow him to check and t... Read More »

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How often do you visit the dentist?

How often should you visit your dentist?

On One Hand: Routine Checkup and CleaningMany people visit their dentist the recommended two times a year or once every six months. This is a good guideline for people in decent dental health. A si... Read More »

How often do you visit your dentist?

I always go every 6 months, I would stick to that. Why chance it? We only get one set of teeth after all.

Do you think this warrants a dentist visit My son just took a fall and one of his front teeth shifted inward?

i had a similar one, my daughter fell and hit her tooth. I didnt go to the dentist but later on asked him about it and he said since it was a baby one they wouldnt have done anything anyways unless... Read More »