How often should you sharpen hockey skates?

Answer On One Hand: Sharpen at your leisureSkate sharpening is largely a matter of preference. Some skaters will sharpen their skates prior to every game, some only a few times a season according to proho... Read More »

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How to Sharpen Skates?

The blade of an ice skate is the origin of every force that a skater makes. Having a properly sharpened skating blade is essential to the performance of the skate and skater. If you skate, you shou... Read More »

How to Fit Hockey Skates?

Hockey skates are an integral piece of any hockey uniform, because they affect a skater's speed, balance and ability to stop and turn on the ice. It's important to know how to fit hockey skates to ... Read More »

How to Buy Hockey Skates?

Few coaches will debate the importance of skating in the overall skill of an ice hockey or inline hockey player. Buying hockey skates that fit your experience level, foot and skating style only enh... Read More »

How tall are hockey skates?

The blades on hockey skates are what give them their height. Regulation hockey skates can be between 2 and 2 1/2 inches in height. The skate takes on the specifications of a regular boot where th... Read More »