How often should you over expose when taking photographs?

Answer The question is probably more correctly asked as Why or when would you overexpose. It's not a time-based or frequency thing like changing your engine oil.The following is given with the understandi... Read More »

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Can i expose my dynamic IP and expose my machine without noip like services?

That will always be your ip address, until its not. There's nothing special you need to do to keep that ip address, but just know that it could change at any time.

How often do you need a birth certificate when applying for or taking a new job?

A birth certificate is one of several documents that can be used to establish an employee's eligibility to work in the United States. If an employee can provide another form of employment eligibili... Read More »

When taking a picture, which do you most often use, a mobile phone or a digital camera and why?

Digital camera. 1. Because I think pictures are better and it easier to transfer them to computer. 2. I can take more pictures with a camera than with a phone due to a memory card storage abilities.

How to Manage a Change in Ownership (when Taking over a Business)?

Much of the business’s profitability is down to its employees – and this is particularly true for service industries such as estate agents, hairdressers or financial brokers. Often client relat... Read More »