How often should you flip your mattress?

Answer Mattresses should be flipped twice a year. Each side of the mattress will endure equal amounts of wear and tear, and by flipping your mattress, you can get more use out of its softness. Dirt and ... Read More »

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Flip your often?

Can't flip our new mattress since it's pillow top but due turn it from head to toe about every 3 months. Flipped and turned old mattress about every 3 months. Haven't had a bed bug problem. Lysol w... Read More »

When do i flip my two-in-one colgate mattress?

On One Hand: One Side is Good for InfantsOne side of the Colgate Two-in-One mattress is made of two different kinds of foam. The infant side of the mattress is made of patented Clasica I foam, whic... Read More »

What does a No Flip Serta mattress mean?

A Serta No Flip Mattress is also referred to as a single-sided mattress. This type of mattress has an upholstery layer on one side. It is just as durable as a traditional mattress, which has uphols... Read More »

Can you flip a pillowtop mattress?

Double pillowtop models, also known as plush mattresses, can be flipped every 6 months; however, traditional pillowtop models are not recommended to be flipped. Traditional pillowtop mattresses sho... Read More »