How often should you feed a cactus?

Answer Cactus only need to be fed once a year in the spring.Answer.Treat any cactus or succulent like any othe house plant in the summer and water and feed it normally. In the winter hold off the feed and... Read More »

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How often should you water a cactus?

Cactus' are used to desert conditions with minimal water. If you water too much, you can kill it. The important thing is to look at it and see if it begins to sag or look deflated. The soil should ... Read More »

How often should I water a cactus?

Cacti can go months without water. Let the soil dry out. Think of the desert climate, where the grow in nature. The desert is hot in the day, cool at night. It is dry and not humid. Many die-h... Read More »

How often should you water a Christmas cactus?

It depends on the temperature and the amount of humidity in the air. You should test the soil with your fingertip: When it is still a bit humid, don't water the plant. When the soil is really dry, ... Read More »

How often should you weed and feed?

Fertilizer that contains weed killer is normally called "weed and feed." Some contain herbicides that kill weeds that have already begun to grow, called a post-emergent, while others contain a pre... Read More »