How often should you drain an inground swimming pool if it is kept running year round?

Answer AnswerIf the pool is kept in pristine condition throughout the year, you should never have to drain it. If you do want to drain it, drain it every ten years or so. (You run a risk of damaging your ... Read More »

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How do you drain an inground swimming pool?

Draining an inground pool Firstly, you satisfy yourself that it is safe to drain your pool. If ground-water is present, in-ground pools can transform themselves into 'boats' when empty and 'float' ... Read More »

How do I drain an inground swimming pool?

Look for the Hydrostatic Valve or PlugOpen the hydrostatic valve that is located at the floor drain. Instead of the valve, if there is a plug, remove it.Drain the PoolAttach the hose to the sump pu... Read More »

How low should you drain a inground swimming pool for not in use for children safety?

A drained swimming pool will be more dangerous to anyone who could fall into the pit. The pool will need fencing around it that is sturdy and anti-tamper proof. What are your plans for rain water w... Read More »

Can you use Rustoleum to refinish aluminum coping on a 20-year-old inground swimming pool?

Answer You could but it won't last long. It's just cheap paint you know. Call your local pool place and ask them what to use. Marine paint maybe?