How often should you clean your headlights?

Answer On One Hand: Not a Frequent NeedWhile there's no unified expert recommendation for how often you should clean off your car's headlights, a quick wipe-off once a month--or as you notice the light ou... Read More »

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How to Clean Headlights?

Do your headlights look foggy now? Do those once crystal clear headlights now look like waxed paper is covering them? Here are some ways to clean your headlights and get them looking brand new agai... Read More »

How to Clean Your Car Headlights?

Do your car headlights look foggy? Sure, they didn't always look like that but have got worn out by dirt and grime over time. Follow this simple how to in order to restore your headlights back to t... Read More »

How do I Clean Dim Headlights?

Dim headlights are dangerous to leave unchecked because they impede your ability to see the road ahead when driving at night. Dim headlights can be caused by the bulb dying, in which case the car s... Read More »

How to Clean Fog off the Headlights?

Over time, headlights become foggy because environmental pollutants and dust stick to soap residue that accumulates when you wash your car. In order to de-fog your headlights, you need to scrub the... Read More »