How often should you clean a garbage disposal drain line?

Answer On One Hand: When It SmellsYou should clean the drain line anytime your garbage disposal begins to smell bad. The smell means there is accumulated garbage inside the disposal and the line. You can ... Read More »

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How do I clean a garbage disposal& drain?

Turn Disposal OffMake sure that your garbage disposal is turned off. Slice one half of a lemon into thin slices or small wedges. Measure one cup of rock salt into a container. Scoop up about one cu... Read More »

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal & Drain?

You should clean garbage disposals and drains often to prevent clogging and to keep them smelling fresh. There's no need to buy expensive products when you can use some common household items. Baki... Read More »

I am installing a new disposal. Can I run the disher line directly into the drain or do I need to run it to the new disposal?

Answer You can run it straight through, but the whole reason for running it through the disposal is to catch anything comming off your dishes before it can clog up the pipes.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal Drain?

Garbage disposals are handy devices helpful in eliminating organic waste in the kitchen. Additionally, they help reduce garbage by breaking down waste in the kitchen sink. Installing a garbage disp... Read More »