How often should tires be rotated ?

Answer Tires need to be rotated so that they will wear evenly. Tire rotation will increase the life of your tires and make your vehicle safer to drive. Whether you attempt this task on your own or leave i... Read More »

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How Often Should Auto Tires Be Rotated?

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Do I Need My Tires Rotated or My Wheels Aligned?

To ensure continued safe travel in your vehicle, proper wheel alignment and the appropriate tire rotation method are vital. Paying attention to both these issues will protect the wear on your tire ... Read More »

Do Michelin HydroEdge tires need to be rotated?

Yes, the Michelin HydroEdge brand of tires requires rotating. To keep the lifetime or six-year warranty on the tires valid, you must rotate the Michelin HydroEdge tires once every 7,500 miles.Refer... Read More »

How Often Should Full Size Pickup Tires Be Rotated?

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