How often should the water be changed for turtles?

Answer Depending on the number of turtles in the enclosure, 10-gallon tanks should have the water changed two to three times per week. The water in larger tanks, around 50 gallons, will be cleaner for lon... Read More »

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Do painted turtles have to be in water?

Though freshwater is their preferred habitat, it is not necessary for painted turtles to stay in water all the time. The animals bask under the sun above water on logs, fallen trees and other simil... Read More »

How do turtles breathe under water?

Turtles breathe air using their lungs, but are able to go for long periods of time under water without surfacing to breathe. They even go without surfacing for months at a time during the winter.Br... Read More »

How to Catch Water Turtles?

Turtles that live in water full time are often very hard to catch. This is a way to build a trap that won't hurt the turtles but will catch them.

Do red ear water turtles hibernate?

Red-eared sliders become inactive in the autumn once air temperatures reach below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Red-eared sliders hibernate individually, most often under water, though they will also o... Read More »