How often should the filter run on an inground pool?

Answer In order for your pool to remain crystal clear and clean, you should run your in-ground pool filter every day for at least eight to 12 hours per day. Use a pool timer and allow the filter to circu... Read More »

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How to Install an Inground Pool Filter?

When it comes to owning an in-ground pool, many new pool owners feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing maintenance on the pool's filter. With all of the hoses and pieces of equipment, it can be c... Read More »

Troubleshooting an Inground Pool Filter?

As the owner of an in-ground pool, you quickly learn how to test the water, balance the chemicals and skim out unwanted floating debris. Maintaining clear, swim-able pool water would be impossible ... Read More »

Connecting a Hayward Inground Pool Filter System?

Maintaining an inground pool is a lot easier if you know how to connect and operate the pool filtration system. Hayward manufactures pool filters and pumps for inground pools. Whether you choose a ... Read More »

What is a pool-friendly small tree that can be used near an inground pool in Houston Texas?

None! Answer Palms do well in Houston and don't seem to mind the pool. Answer Meyer lemon tree. Answer: Palm trees::: palm fronds, seed pods or numerous fruit drop can be drudgery to clean and ca... Read More »