How often should the filter run on an inground pool?

Answer In order for your pool to remain crystal clear and clean, you should run your in-ground pool filter every day for at least eight to 12 hours per day. Use a pool timer and allow the filter to circu... Read More »

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How often should you drain an inground swimming pool if it is kept running year round?

AnswerIf the pool is kept in pristine condition throughout the year, you should never have to drain it. If you do want to drain it, drain it every ten years or so. (You run a risk of damaging your ... Read More »

How often should you replace the sand in your pool filter if replacing it causes foam in the pool?

Phosphates It sounds like you may have phosphates in the water, do you have lots of leaves or the aftermath of seeds from the trees blowing in your area, I had poplar tree seed casings white fluffy... Read More »

How to Install an Inground Pool Filter?

When it comes to owning an in-ground pool, many new pool owners feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing maintenance on the pool's filter. With all of the hoses and pieces of equipment, it can be c... Read More »

Troubleshooting an Inground Pool Filter?

As the owner of an in-ground pool, you quickly learn how to test the water, balance the chemicals and skim out unwanted floating debris. Maintaining clear, swim-able pool water would be impossible ... Read More »