How often should shrubs be watered in Texas?

Answer According to Landscape Texas, you should only water shrubs when the soil is completely dry. Watering more infrequently but deeper helps the roots grow deep into the soil, and also saves water. Mulc... Read More »

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Shrubs for Texas?

Texas has a varied climate and landscape that includes six growing regions: central, east, north central, the Panhandle, south and west Texas. The state's diversity of habitat hosts a variety of n... Read More »

Shrubs Native to Texas?

Landscaping with shrubs native to Texas preserves the natural habitat of the area and reduces maintenance costs. Native shrubs are suited to the climate of the region they grow in, withstanding har... Read More »

Shrubs & Woody Vines of Texas?

Texas is home to a variety of native shrubs and woody vines. Many of the native plant species in Texas are acceptable for use in the home landscape because they have colorful blooms or fruit that a... Read More »

How to Plant Sage Shrubs in Texas?

Sage shrubs are a real landscape star in Texas. This easy-to-plant evergreen requires little care and will brighten your yard with its soft, fuzzy foliage and vibrant blooms.The Latin name is Leuco... Read More »