How often should one get a colonoscopy test?

Answer On One Hand: Colonscopies Are NecessaryColonscopies should be ordered by your doctor as a tool to screen for the presence of abnormal cells in your colon. Guidelines suggest that unless you are sym... Read More »

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Poll<I> Does the thought of having a colonoscopy test scare you?

I'm not afraid of the test, I'm afraid of the results. My mother died of colon cancer, my cousin two years younger than myself recently had one and he had part of his colon removed because they fou... Read More »

What foods can be eaten when prepping for the colonoscopy test procedure?

People who are soon to have a colonoscopy are put on a fairly restrictive diet. No solids can be consumed while prepping for colonoscopy, and there are also limitations on the kinds of liquids that... Read More »

Should I Have Virtual Colonoscopy or Regular Colonoscopy?

One of the most annoying places to find algae growing in a fish tank is on the surface of the light hood. Its presence diminishes the light, detracting from the appearance of the aquarium; and its ... Read More »

What age should i get a colonoscopy?

On One Hand: Average AgeA colonoscopy is an imaging test that shows the colon (large intestine). Colonoscopies are used to screen for colon cancer, and physicians will look for the presence of poly... Read More »