How often should i scandisk and defrag my computer?

Answer depends how heavily you use it. I am a moderate user and defrag once every 2 weeks and scandisk about once a month. Just my own experience as to what works though

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How often should U defrag your computer to keep it running right?

You need to defrag your computer if the hard drive starts making a lot of "clicking" noises every time it is accessed. Defragmenting once every other week with Win98/ME, once every month with Win2... Read More »

How to Run a Scandisk Defrag?

Scandisk Defrag is a Windows utility which finds, corrects and defragments disc drives. Over time and new operating systems, the function has become "Error-Checking," which scans the drive for erro... Read More »

How Often Should You Perform a Defrag on a PC?

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How often should I defrag my hard drive?

On One Hand: Schedule it weekly or monthlySet up a schedule to have your computer automatically defragment your hard drive once a week or once a month, depending on how hard you use your computer. ... Read More »