How often should grass seed be watered?

Answer On One Hand: Keep the Soil MoistIf you have just seeded your lawn, water daily for the next three weeks to ensure that the soil stays moist. You do not need to heavily water the lawn, but it will n... Read More »

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Does grass grow when it's watered with milk?

Do not water grass with undiluted milk. The pH of milk changes the pH of soil, affecting grass growth, and the sugars and proteins contained in milk break down rapidly, causing the soil to turn "so... Read More »

Grass Seed Help?

Best to plant sod not seed. Use Saint Augustine grass sod in the shade. It will have runners on it if you watter it good and will take over in no time. Check with your County Agent to see if it ... Read More »

How to Sow Grass Seed?

Grass can be planted using sprigs, squares of sod, or seed. Planting grass from seed in the fall is an inexpensive choice for homeowners. The main consideration for planting is to sow your grass se... Read More »

How do I sow grass seed?

Using a SpreaderFill a mechanical spreader with grass seed. Push the spreader across the lawn in uniform rows. Refill the spreader. Push the spreader crosswise over the rows you just laid. This wil... Read More »