How often should grass be cut?

Answer Cutting the grass regularly encourages the growth of a lawn and makes it look full. To achieve these results, homeowners can cut the grass once a week. This is a sufficient amount regardless of hom... Read More »

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How often should i put fertilizer on grass?

Most granular fertilizers are slow release and should be applied once every two months (8 weeks).

How often should you water St. Augustine grass?

In the spring, only water St. Augustine grass during periods of prolonged drought or if the grass exhibits dark, bluish-gray patches. In the summer, water weekly to wet the soil, and in the fall, w... Read More »

How often should you water Bermuda grass?

For the first few weeks after planting Bermuda grass, water it several times a day to keep the ground damp. After the grass has begun to grow, give it 1 to 2 inches of water per week.Source:Bermuda... Read More »

How often should you fertilize Bermuda grass?

Fertilize established Bermuda grass lawns annually in the spring with a 7-2-2 lawn fertilizer prior to the grass greening. Apply fertilizer at the time of seeding and in the fall for newly seeded l... Read More »