How often should bath towels be washed?

Answer Towels that have been properly hung to dry between uses can be washed every three to four days on the hottest setting allowed by the label. Use non-chlorine bleach and no fabric softener in the was... Read More »

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My towels smell bad, Do they need to be washed with anything special or dried at high temp to get rid of that?

They may smell bad because they have been wet to long. I think you should use baking powder in the wash water also some pinesoil cap full they will smell good then.

How do I decorate bath towels?

LaceSew lace to the bottom of your bath towels to add a feminine touch. Look for lace that's made with a cotton/polyester mix. This type of lace tends to hold up longer and isn't inclined to tear a... Read More »

How to Fold Bath Towels?

To ensure bath towels fit neatly and store well after washing and drying, be sure to fold them correctly. In this tutorial, learn how to fold towels the way stores and hotels do for display and sto... Read More »

How often should bath towels be laundered?

Domestic guru Martha Stewart recommends washing bath towels every three to four days, using nonchlorine bleach and very hot water for white towels. Avoid fabric softener, which actually stiffens to... Read More »