How often should bath towels be washed?

Answer Towels that have been properly hung to dry between uses can be washed every three to four days on the hottest setting allowed by the label. Use non-chlorine bleach and no fabric softener in the was... Read More »

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How often should bath towels be laundered?

Domestic guru Martha Stewart recommends washing bath towels every three to four days, using nonchlorine bleach and very hot water for white towels. Avoid fabric softener, which actually stiffens to... Read More »

How Often Should I Change My Bath Towels?

Maytag washing machines must be serviced over time. Common problems, such as draining or spinning issues, can be quickly remedied with easy, troubleshooting tips. Bigger problems, like a drain leak... Read More »

How often should bed linen be washed?

Although it is a personal preference I would say no less than once a week. you sweat a pint of water a night so imagine that over a week and if its a double with two of you in it.... ewww.Dust mite... Read More »

How often should house windows be washed?

Clean your house windows at least once a year for spring cleaning. But wash them more frequently if they are visibly dirty. Some windows, such as those in front of a work space or kitchen sink, may... Read More »