How often should a woman push during childbirth?

Answer When it's time to push the baby out it's with every contraction unless the midwife says otherwise. It's different for every woman, birth and baby.

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What happens if you do not push during childbirth?

You will want to push, the body tells you to. It's harder not to push. Also if it takes too long it can get dangerous and end with a c-section.

Do you have to push during childbirth?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to push if the baby is not in any distress and there's no rush to get him or her out. Your body will push him/her out for you.

How do you push during childbirth?

What fraction of woman die caused to childbirth?

In Canada and the united states under 20% of woman die during childbirth, but in Africa and other poor countries over 60% of woman die during childbirth because in the poor countries they don't hav... Read More »