How often should a propane tank be filled?

Answer A propane tank should be refilled when it is empty or near empty. Propane tanks should not be filled above 80 percent capacity to allow for expansion and prevent overfilling. Gauges are available t... Read More »

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Can propane be taken back out of a propane tank before moving a tank?

Propane can and should be safely removed from a propane tank before it is moved. This process should always be handled by an experienced propane specialist because of the hazard associated with the... Read More »

Is it possible to fill a 18 % pre set 100 gallon propane tank with 115 gallons of propane?

The size of the storage tank as stated on the rating plate is when it is 100% full and is measured in US water gallons. So if indeed it is a 100 gallon tank you could never get 115 gallons in it re... Read More »

Can u use a small propane tank as a paintball tank?

You could if you know what the right pressure for paintball is, and you can control the output pressure from the tank. Don't attempt it unless you are certain you can do it safely.

Can a propane tank explode?

Propane tanks can explode if not handled carefully. If propane comes in contact with heat or fire, it can explode. Propane tanks must be taken to hazardous waste disposal sites when they are empt... Read More »