How often should a person fertilize plants?

Answer Fertilizer is necessary to help both indoor and outdoor plants grow. Fertilizing outdoor plants every two weeks during their growth season is the ideal recommendation. Moderation is the key to fert... Read More »

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How Often Should You Fertilize Container Vegetable Plants?

Container gardening is a good option for people who do not have much space in their yards for a garden. You can grow all sorts of vegetables in containers, such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and c... Read More »

How often should you fertilize a lawn?

On One Hand: Every Few MonthsFertilize your lawn at least five times during the year (every 2-3 months). Fertilization will keep the lawn loaded with the nutrients it needs to keep producing a thic... Read More »

How often should you fertilize apple trees?

Fertilize apple trees every spring. They require only nitrogen fertilizer, as long as soil pH is 7.8 or higher. For mature fruiting apple trees, spread 1 pound of 21 percent nitrogen additive aroun... Read More »

How often should you fertilize Bermuda grass?

Fertilize established Bermuda grass lawns annually in the spring with a 7-2-2 lawn fertilizer prior to the grass greening. Apply fertilizer at the time of seeding and in the fall for newly seeded l... Read More »