How often should a heat pump be recharged?

Answer You should not have to charge your heat pump unless you have a leak. Check the refrigerant charge by measurement, according to the manufacturer's specifications, at least once a year.Source:U.S. De... Read More »

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Can a salt system be added to a pool heated with a heat pump without harming the heat pump?

Answer Absolutely: The equipment does not know the difference in what chemical you are using.

How often does a golf cart battery need to be recharged?

Golf cart batteries, like most rechargeable batteries, wear out slightly with each charge. Thus, the time that a charge lasts will diminish slightly with each use. Initially, golf cart batteries ar... Read More »

How loud should a geothermal heat pump be?

A geothermal heat pump that is working properly should have a noise rating of no more than 60 decibels. Most models have ratings of about 54 to 56 decibels. Geothermal pumps are known for being qui... Read More »

How often should you breast pump?

On One Hand: Accepted GuidelinesMost health care professionals agree that the frequency in which a mother pumps her breast milk should correspond with how often her baby naturally feeds. For most m... Read More »