How often should a dog be vaccinated with duramune?

Answer On One Hand: Regular Shots For Most DogsDuramune is a multivalent vaccine that activates different antibodies in your canine's immune system to prevent multiple diseases and illnesses. Most puppies... Read More »

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Should you be vaccinated for HPV?

Yes. Vaccination for HPV can reduce the risk of HPV (Human papiloma virus) infection, genital warts, and cervical cancer in women and penile and rectal cancer in men. The HPV vaccine Gardasil was f... Read More »

Who should get vaccinated?

People with certain sicknesess or dieases should get the shot to protect themself and help out their body and rpevent from preding the disease or sickness.

Should my dad get vaccinated?

vaccine are there for prevention of diseases so your dad needs it to prevent further complication of his current disease .

Should all children be vaccinated?

Yes, unless they have allergies to the ingredients, are too young for them or there is a specific medical condition present in the child that would cause an undesirable reaction. Ask the child's pe... Read More »