How often should a computer be defragedwhen?

Answer Rarely - it causes unnecessary wear on the drives. You are better off getting a good anti virus and spyware programme and using that daily.

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How often should I scan my computer for viruses?

scan it every day at 3am or whenever you are not at the computer.most allow you to schedule a scan

How often should i scandisk and defrag my computer?

depends how heavily you use it. I am a moderate user and defrag once every 2 weeks and scandisk about once a month. Just my own experience as to what works though

How often should you defragment your computer?

monthly is good but it depends how much crap you are doing to your computer

How often should you scan for your computer for viruses?

You should have full time spyware and virus protection.You should update your spyware and virus protection weekly and run a full scan weekly with each.If you download from untrusted sources (file s... Read More »