How often should a car engine be cleaned?

Answer Maintaining a clean engine is an important aspect of keeping its various systems running properly at all times. Different systems have different requirements for maintenance and, in order to ensure... Read More »

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How do I get rid of smell in bathroom. Cleaned floor & toilet even removed & cleaned under it & replaced seal?

You might need to seek professional help. You may need them to take up and replace the whole entire toilet. You may have a leak underneath the toilet, water and waste maybe sitting. Have you change... Read More »

How Should This Get Cleaned Up?

Golden Rule #147Responsibility always restsUpon whom the mess did make.Don't you dare move a muscle!ma

How often should an air duct be cleaned?

Generally, air ducts should be cleaned about every 2 to 5 years. However, those with asthma and allergies are advised to clean air ducts more often. In those cases, it is best to clean air ducts ab... Read More »

Can a BMW Headliner Be Cleaned?

The headliner on a BMW is the interior trim that is fastened to the roof of the vehicle. Since the headliner is not exposed to as much contact from the car's occupants as the carpet and seats are, ... Read More »