How often should T.E.D. hose be removed?

Answer Pressure socks, better known as T.E.D. hose, are long, tight-fitting elastic socks designed to provide constant pressure on the legs to assist the circulatory system in preventing blood clots. You ... Read More »

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How often should you change a washer hose?

A hose for a washing machine should be changed every three to five years. You should periodically check your hose for leakage or busts. Normal wear and tear, material of hose, and age of the hose, ... Read More »

How often should you clean the hose from your clothes dryer to the outdoors?

Visually inspect the entire venting system of automatic clothes dryers once a year. Depending on the amount of use and the appearance of lint buildup inside the vent, cleaning should happen every o... Read More »

To people that often suggest that a child should be removed from a home because of weight/smoking etc..?

Good point. I only believe children should be removed from the home when the sad life of being in foster care really does outweigh the life they have with the parents. If a child is being abused me... Read More »

Why Does the Water in a Car Radiator Often Boil Explosively When the Radiator Cap Is Removed?

A careful guideline about checking coolant on automobiles is to never remove the radiator cap when it is hot due to its explosive nature. Caution should be used as antifreeze coolant is also a dang... Read More »