How often should I turn mallard duck eggs?

Answer On One Hand: Turning Eggs By HandAfter eggs are "set" (put into incubation conditions), they should be turned 3, 5, or 7 times daily for 25 days, according to The exact number of turn... Read More »

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How often does a muscovy duck lay eggs?

Muscovy ducks will lay eggs about four times per year. Ducks lay about 20 eggs each time, if they have eaten enough protein. Eggs take about 35 days to hatch, and a duck can sit on as many as 18 eg... Read More »

How to Hatch a Mallard Duck Egg?

Mallard ducks are amazing animals. And sometimes, you want to help them hatch. This article will explain to you on how to do it.

How to Draw a Mallard Duck?

The Mallard Duck is one of the most famous and beautiful kinds of ducks.

Can the algae in the pool be caused by one mallard duck or is it a bad filter or maybe not enough chemicals?

Answer THe answer to your question is...Yes.It COULD be any one of the 3 but I'd bet on a combination in 1 way or the other.Remember, it only takes one microscopic spore to turn a pool into green ... Read More »