How often should I shower?

Answer According to George Carlin, showering everyday is exessive. But he says you do need to tend to the four vital areas (armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth) daily.

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How Often Should You Shower a Pitbull?

A pitbull does not have a double coat and so does not require too much grooming. As with any other dog, pitbull owners would like clean pets in their homes, but bathing a pitbull too often can stri... Read More »

How Often Should You Recaulk Your Shower?

Your shower has caulk in the joints where the surround pieces meet each other, where the surrounding meets the shower pan and, potentially, around the shower faucet handles. The caulk performs the ... Read More »

How Often Should You Reseal Grout in a Shower?

Most tile contractors seal a client's shower once the work is done, often leaving a job site before communicating the frequency of sealer reapplication. Do-it-yourselfers are often in the dark rega... Read More »

How often should you clean a shower curtain?

A shower curtain should last up to 1 year. Spot clean as needed, but wash the curtain in hot water with a cup of bleach once a month. Your bathroom, and shower especially, should be cleaned once a ... Read More »