How often should I change my car's struts?

Answer Struts wear out over time and as a result cause a rough ride in the vehicle. The type of struts you have and the types of roads on which you drive are among the factors that determine when you need... Read More »

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Symptoms of Bad Struts in Cars?

A car's "struts" is a term often heard but little understood. This may be due to the fact that a strut is not an individual automotive part, but rather an assembly of different suspension component... Read More »

Types of Front Wheel Drive Cars Without Struts?

Modern day, front-wheel drive American cars are light in weight, and some come without traditional struts. When they were introduced in the late 1970s, front-wheel drive cars featured the consolida... Read More »

How to Change KYB Struts?

Most cars use two primary types of shock absorbers: one of which is a conventional shock, and the other of which is a strut. KYB is one of the companies that offers replacement struts for just abou... Read More »

How to Change the Struts on an HHR?

The struts are a part of the Chevy HHR suspension system. They are responsible for the smooth ride you experience when driving the vehicle. When the struts go bad, you may begin to notice excessive... Read More »