How often shall I water a plant?

Answer Check the soil each day by sticking your finger into it. If the top inch feels dry, water. If it feels damp, don't water. Overwatering will kill a plant with rot quicker than not watering it w... Read More »

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How Often Shall I Water Grapevines?

Whether growing grapes commercially or as a garden hobby, providing the proper amount of water is essential to the health of the vine. Consequently, healthy vines are also integral to ensuring that... Read More »

How often do you water a weed plant?

How often should you water a magenta plant?

How often should you water an aloe plant?

Aloe grows well indoors with a sunny window and infrequent watering. The potting medium should be allowed to dry prior to watering aloe. When in doubt, wait a day or two; aloe can survive for over ... Read More »